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Webinar Instructions

 How to participate in the PLoS/HIFA2015/HumanitarianCentre Webinar:

1 June 2012

1 June 2012, 16:00h BST (= 15:00 GMT)
Duration: 120 minutes

The Humanitarian Centre is grateful to HIFA2015 and the University of Iowa for their support of the webinar and the following set of instructions, from the HIFA2015 webinars page:

“All are welcome. Participation is free of charge. We shall use the web conferencing program Elluminate Live! Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to listen (and, if you wish, talk to) participants.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection (Elluminate Live! works fine with fast and slow connection speeds), microphone and speakers (many PCs and laptops have inbuilt mike and speakers, but ideally it is best to use a headset). You can participate on your own or in a group. We advise not to use your webcam because we are expecting many participants worldwide.

Please set up your computer NOW so that you are ready to participate

Easy Log-in Procedure

To log-in to the HIFA2015 Virtual Room (the room is always open, every day, 24 hours a day):
1. Click here (or cut and paste the URL – – into a new window on your browser – this will enable you to follow the rest of the instructions below)
2. Add HIFA2015 (capital letters, all one word) in the search box and press the Enter key on your keyboard
3. Click on the hyperlink HIFA2015 to join the webinar.
4. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
5. Enter your name and country in the Display Name field.
6. Click Log In button (on right of screen)
7. You will be invited to download a file (meeting.JVLP) – download the file
8. A Java icon will appear. Wait a few seconds. Elluminate Live will start. Wait a few seconds.
9. You will be invited to choose your connection speed. Select your speed.
10. You will arrive in the HIFA2015 Virtual Room. Go to Tools / Audio / Audio Setup Wizard to check your audio settings.

If you have any technical problems, please see below (Common technical problems with Elluminate) or see detailed instructions.

Although it is not essential, we would be grateful if you could let us know if you plan to participate, and any comments or issues you would like to raise before the event, by contacting Anne Radl at, or posting through the HIFA2015 forum.  If you have not joined HIFA2015, you can visit to join today.

When you enter the HIFA2015 Virtual Room, you will see this:

If you have a microphone and you want to talk, click on ‘Raise Hand’. The facilitator will invite you to speak. To turn on your microphone, click on ‘Talk’. The microphone button will turn yellow and you can then introduce yourself to the conference and make your comment:

We are grateful to the University of Iowa for providing the HIFA2015 Virtual Room for this web conference.

We look forward to welcome you on 1 June!  To those of you who will be in teh Cambridge, UK area on 1 June, we welcome you to join the seminar in person at Hughes, Hall, University of Cambridge.

Common technical problems

1. If you get ‘stuck’ at the Sessions page (, try the following

– Click on the “manually start the session” link. (Most computers start automatically, but some require to start the session manually. The “manually start the session” link only appears for 5-10 seconds before the system loops back to the Sessions page)

– Make sure there is not a message at the top of the page saying that your files are being blocked from downloading…this is a security alert to forbid “pop ups.” This is usually a yellow bar, and again it lasts only a few seconds, so you need to be ready to click on the message promptly to allow the next screen to load.

– If you are using Mozilla Firefox, be sure to open the file you downloaded. This happens automatically with Internet Explorer, but you will have to double-click on the file you downloaded in Firefox to progress.

2. If you get an error message such as ‘Access denied’:

– make sure your Java software is the most recent version.

– update your internet browser, to make sure you have the most recent version

– clear your browser’s cache. To do this, go to the tools menu­ and probably you will see “delete browsing history.” This will delete any old stored files that might be interfering with your download.

If all else fails, you could try a different computer. Sometimes people have luck logging in from a personal laptop or computer, rather than from a worksite computer. Sometimes the security protocols at worksites are blocking Firewall port 8080 – this port is not critical for security but must be open to use Elluminate.”

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