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About us

The Humanitarian Centre is an innovative international development network that enables the discovery of new ways of tackling some of the most complex and intractable aspects of global poverty.

It does this by creating unique cross-fertilisations between Cambridge’s world-class academic minds and the region’s dynamic development practitioners working on the ground. To this powerful combination, the Centre adds partners from Cambridge’s vibrant business, IT, not-for-profit and government sectors to develop workable solutions.

A cross between a ‘think tank’ and ‘meeting place’ for international development, the Centre is a highly-effective catalyst: it creates dozens of opportunities each year for over 40 specialist bodies working in international development to meet and foster new ways of thinking. It puts ideas into practice, and feeds practice back into ideas.

Solutions that resulted from recent Humanitarian Centre activities include: a tool that uses fingerprints to accurately locate the medical records of migrant communities (now at prototype stage); strategies for reducing non-communicable diseases (recently presented in the UK Parliament); a radio project that gives the people of Africa a continent-wide voice on critical issues that matter to them.

The Centre also provides resources and support to 40 member organisations, such as training in marketing, managing volunteers and monitoring and evaluation. 

The Humanitarian Centre was founded in 2006 and is a small charity (with an annual turnover of a little over 100K) that relies on funding from individuals, trusts and corporate sponsors.