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History and Support

The Humanitarian Centre grew out of a  group of small, innovative relief and development NGOs, charities and student societies, many linked with the University of Cambridge. As opportunities for cooperation between the group increased, the value of a central focal point in Cambridge for this work became more recognised.

With the generous support of the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, a staff position was established in September 2006, coinciding with a decision by the University of Cambridge to support the Humanitarian Centre through use of rooms at the Fenner’s sports centre.

Since 2006, the Humanitarian Centre has developed a range of services. It has also built contacts amongst Cambridge NGOs, consultants, academics and increasingly the private sector, to encourage cross-sectoral contact and cooperation.

Humanitarian Centre core costs are currently generously supported through the National Philanthropic Trust. The year of activities around ICT for development ran in partnership with ARM, and sponsors of the Global Health Year included Costello Medical Consulting, PLoS, PhG Foundation and Astra Zeneca. We also receive smaller grants and donations from a range of sources.

The Humanitarian Centre is very grateful for the financial support of the following bodies:

University of Cambridge Society Syndicate, Isaac Newton Trust, Cambridge RAG, Education Services, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Assessment, and a number of Cambridge Colleges.

In addition, we are immensely grateful to the numerous individuals who give their time as volunteers, interns and expert advisers in helping this network to grow and thrive.