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Our Work

Our purpose:

The Humanitarian Centre supports a world of justice and equality, free from poverty, where human rights and the environment are respected.*

Our aim is to identify and solve problems that tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality and to alleviate their enduring symptoms. We do this in partnership with one another, by creating the space and conditions that allow us to listen and learn especially from our partners in communities and countries where poverty and inequality are most devastating. This approach enables us to take bold but thoughtful steps forward and to generate real solutions that make a tangible difference to communities worldwide.


Our values:

We are open, collaborative and dynamic. We never forget that our focus is on impacting global poverty and inequality, where our partners and colleagues in developing countries have the key role to play.


Our reach:

The Humanitarian Centre has contributed to 12 major projects and/or solutions/case studies that have made a real difference in the world today. Over the past 8 years, 200 volunteers have worked with the Humanitarian Centre and engaged with over 70 member organisations including x student societies?.  We have held over 50? events, attended by over 5,000 people.

Every year over 1,500 people and 45 member organisations regularly engage with the Centre.


Membership of the Humanitarian Centre means working towards the common goal of global poverty alleviation and equality where we can:

-       Generate value by sharing our expertise, skills, ideas, solutions and resources

-       Connect with colleagues and share news across the network

-       Access expertise, manpower and face-to-face support

-       Offer a space for voices of partners around the world and real-world experience to theory

-       Student societies benefit from a touchstone for organizational continuity and sustainability

-       Offer a reality check for theory and policy development in relation to International Development


Our plans:

As we refine our programme of work for the coming years, we will challenge ourselves to represent global voices in every part of our organisation and activities. We want to make significant inroads into measuring the impact of our work together and would welcome your support and ideas on how best to do this.

The Humanitarian Centre with support from its partners aims in the next 3 years to foster and incubate at least 5 innovations/ concepts and/or partnerships that will have a significant impact on reducing global poverty and inequalities.



As a charity, we are seeking organisations and individuals who want to make a contribution and be part of the solutions developed. This can be through financial support for events, themes or reports or in-kind support for venues, catering, contacts or equipment.

To discover more about what we do and our current activities, please visit what’s on and what we offer.  


The Humanitarian Centre was founded in 2006 and is a small, independent charity that relies on funding from individuals, trusts and corporate sponsors. The Emmanuel United Reformed Church currently provides its office space. Our Patron is Lord Wilson of Dinton, former Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

* As a member of Bond, we share this vision.