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Disaster Relief in Nepal: Building for a Future

On 25th April, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest shock in 80 years. The earthquake destroyed homes, public buildings and roads, taking the lives of over 8700 people and affecting the livelihoods of over 8 million people; almost a third of the country’s population. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal again [more…]

Garden Party 2015

On Wednesday 17th June, in the bright sunshine, The Humanitarian hosted its annual Garden Party at the Millpond, Cambridge, nestled into a backdrop of the River Cam. After a long year, the event provided a welcoming setting for volunteers and organisations, past and present to meet, discuss and have a good old chinwag about their [more…]


Humanitarian Centre Networking Event

The Humanitarian Centre was pleased to deliver another great networking event for the development community at the beginning of June. It was a lively and vibrant evening with some highly engaging conversation. Most importantly however, some very worthwhile and professional connections were created, hopefully proving fruitful in the near future.     Set in Hughes Hall, [more…]

Assuring Food Security to 2050: Implications for Minimising Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

  As a way to continue engagement with our previous theme year, Food Security, The Humanitarian Centre facilitated a seminar presenting issues surrounding  the subject. ‘Assuring food security to 2050’ seminar, jointly conceived by The Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA) and the Humanitarian Centre in collaboration with CambPlant, Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) and the University’s Global [more…]

an image of people being evacuated from near Prof Stephens house on the banks of a huge dry river which almost never runs. Over the past month torrential rain has caused immeasurable erosion and damage along the river bank forcing 10,000 families to be evacuated in the province alone.

Do we have a right to sustainable development?

As part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the Humanitarian Centre hosted a panel discussion with the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment on the question “Do we have a right to sustainable development?”. We were lucky to have three distinguished speakers: Professor Carolyn Stephens, Dr Catherine MacKenzie, and Professor Peter Guthrie. Professor Stephens connected [more…]

The recent webinar that the Humanitarian Centre hosted discussed a number of issues around justice in development.

Human Rights and Justice

The Humanitarian Centre is constantly working to explore areas of interest to international development, and over the years these have taken many forms, including looking at food security and health. This year we are looking at Empowering Voices and Human Rights, and in the recent event on “Justice within reach – how the law can empower”, [more…]

Our Director Lara Allen at the African Film Festival announcing the start of the Empowering Voices Year.

Empowered Voices

The Humanitarian Centre has been working for a number of years on facilitating innovative international development by building effective partnerships between the members of our network in Cambridge and the developing world. This year we are drawing attention to the importance of working directly with people and communities in developing countries and prioritising their goals [more…]


Technology and Development Classes- Development i-Teams

I-Teams in collaboration with the Humanitarian Centre, will be launching an exciting new programme – Development i-Teams – for the first time in Easter Term 2015. The programme will run on Thursday evenings at the IfM, from May 14th to June 11th. Teams will investigate how to maximise the impact of new technologies in the [more…]


Launch of the 2014 Cambridge International Development Report at the Liberated Feast

By Millie Cherfils   New report and awareness-raising feast bring local focus to global poverty   Between the soup course and the main dish of rice and vegetables, dozens of people who gathered for a feast heard about hunger months in South Sudan and the plight of banana farmers striving to earn a living wage [more…]