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Podcast: “Food Security, Biotechnology & Genetic Modification- a mature conversation”

The recording of the Humanitarian Centre’s fascinating panel discussion, “Food Security, Biotechnology & Genetic Modification- a mature conversation”, held on 16 May 2014, at the Sainsbury Laboratory, is now available to stream.   “Food Security, Biotechnology & Genetic Modification- a mature conversation“ by Humcentre on Mixcloud As part of the 2014 ‘Festival of Plants’ in Cambridge and [more...]

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Transitions at the Humanitarian Centre

There are a number of transitions at the Humanitarian Centre as we move into an exciting new year, full of activities and projects that you (our members and supporters) have shaped, but also some changes to our core staff and trustees. Sonia Roschnik, our Director, who has done a fantastic job for us over the past [more...]

Keith Virgo introduces the seminar

Report on the Sustainable Agriculture Development Seminar

On 12 May, The Humanitarian Centre hosted a seminar on Sustainable Agriculture Development, led by the TAA (Tropical Agriculture Association), as part of the Global Food Futures Year. The following is a report on the seminar, written by the TAA. This report can also be downloaded here. The  Sustainable Agriculture Development Seminar was led by [more...]

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Waste Not, Want Not

The United Nations (UN) predicts that 70% more food will need to be produced by 2050 to feed a global population of 9 billion. However current increases in crop yields will not be sufficient to meet estimated demands. In fact as we look to increase crop production, we will face further problems that restrict the [more...]

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Barbara Stocking & Jonathon Porritt on Climate Change, Food Security and Poverty

On Friday June 13th, the Humanitarian Centre is delighted to invite you to join Dame Barbara Stocking and Sir Jonathon Porritt for a special conversation on climate change and food security as it affects the world’s most vulnerable people – and how we can work towards solutions to these challenges that benefit everyone. Their conversation will kick [more...]

Edna Adan (c) Through the Fire

Interview: Through the Fire

Somalia has gained an increasingly bad press in recent years. Mention the country and many will immediately think of piracy, conflict and famine. ‘Through the Fire’, a 40 minute documentary produced by Delphin Films, tells a dramatically different story. Focusing on the unspoken stories of three inspirational women in the lesser known Somaliland, the film [more...]

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What is the role of biotechnology and genetic modification in ensuring there is enough food for everyone?

What has now been dubbed the “9 billion people question” looms large over our global food futures horizon. How exactly will we feed over 9 billion people by 2050, when so many people go hungry today? Many have pointed out that there is in fact enough food for everyone today if we enact more equitable and transparent practices and [more...]


Human Rights and Poverty Year

On 22nd April we began the planning process for the Human Rights and Poverty Year at Hughes Hall with some interesting and lively discussions about the relationship between human rights and development. (Notes on the discussions that took place can be found here: First PPM Summary.) Our second planning meeting for the year is taking place on Tuesday 13th [more...]

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An end to the Hungry Gap – a Plethora of Global Food Futures Events for May (and June)

If you missed the Innovation & Development Hackathon in March, and are eager to engage in dialogue and activity around global food security, then we hope the many May and June events of the Global Food Futures Year will give you your fill! Please get in touch with Programmes Manager, Anne Radl, for more information [more...]

Andrew MacMillan asks the Humanitarian Centre and our network, "Hasn't the Time come for some Brave New Thinking on Food Management?"

Hasn’t the time come for some brave new thinking on food management?

On February 12th, the Humanitarian Centre was delighted to have the opportunity to ask Dr Andrew MacMillan, the former Director of Field Operations at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, to give a lecture as part of our Global Food Futures Year. The question he chose to challenge our audience with [more...]