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Andrew MacMillan asks the Humanitarian Centre and our network, "Hasn't the Time come for some Brave New Thinking on Food Management?"

Hasn’t the time come for some brave new thinking on food management?

On February 12th, the Humanitarian Centre was delighted to have the opportunity to ask Dr Andrew MacMillan, the former Director of Field Operations at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, to give a lecture as part of our Global Food Futures Year. The question he chose to challenge our audience with [more...]

The Oxfam Behind the Brands Team and judge Luther Phillips (c) Mustafa Beg @24by36

2014 Innovation & Development Hackathon Finale Results

So you’re in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket, pondering your options for a teatime snack. Seemingly a simple decision . . . But of course every pack of biscuits has a story behind it – and as a conscientious, thoughtful person, you might like to know what that story is. Just as we ask how [more...]

The Oxfam Behind the Brands Team (c) Mustafa
Beg @24by36

Report: Launch of the 2014 innovation and development Hackathon

This year’s innovation and development Hackathon kicked off to an exciting start last Saturday with enterprising students and professionals coming together to put their their various skills and experiences into practice. Their aim: Develop a solution to a real development challenge in just one week. The day started with the formation of two teams, each [more...]

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Report: The Humanitarian Centre 2014 AGM

  The Humanitarian Centre’s Annual General Meeting 2014 was an evening of reflection and recalibration; members took stock of what we had achieved since the 2013 AGM, and began to make tangible plans for the coming year. The meeting, which was led by Steve Jones, Chair of The Humanitarian Centre Board of Trustees, took place [more...]

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Report: Foreign Aid Forum at the Cambridge Union Society

On Monday 24th February 2014, the Cambridge Union Society hosted their Foreign Aid Forum, an evening which offered an array of perspectives about the future of overseas aid. Speakers Geoffrey Dennis, Clive Jones and Jonathan Foreman came together to discuss whether foreign aid is really working, and whether it is justified in an age of [more...]

2014 Hackathon Challenges announced!

The challenges for the 2014 Innovation & Development Hackathon are live!  As part of the Humanitarian Centre’s Global Food Futures Year, this year’s challenges explore how we can use technology to help UK consumers make better choices about the food they eat, and its impact on the health, wealth and welfare of people and planet. And the [more...]

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MEAT the limit: Initiative challenges us to eat less meat

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) states that almost 1 billion people are undernourished. But why is this the case, when we already produce more than one and a half times enough food to feed the entire planet? There are many reasons. This article examines the issue of meat production, a factor which is controlled [more...]

Front cover2013 Cambridge International Development report

Listen to Learn: The 2013 Cambridge International Development Report

In the first of our series of commentaries on the 2013 Cambridge International Development Report: Working out our future together, Pippa Smith looks at the importance of listening to learn.   The Cambridge International Development Report 2013 makes a vital contribution to the global debate on the post-2015 agenda. Advocating for sustainable, inclusive and participatory development, [more...]


EVENT: Cambridge Development Initiative presents ‘Does Business Hijack International Development?’

This Friday 17th January, Humanitarian Centre member organisation the Cambridge Development Initiative and the Cambridge Union Society host the forum, ‘Does Business Hijack International Development?’, beginning at 5pm. For more information about this exciting event, please read CDI Events Officer Rose Beale’s report below. The New Development Blockbuster: ‘Does Business Hijack International Development?’ Rose Beale, [more...]


From Crisis to Long-Term Development: Cambridge International Development Conference 2013

On Saturday 6th December 2013, hundreds of students and professionals from Cambridge and beyond came together to explore, discuss and debate major issues in international development. The theme of the conference, ‘From Crisis to Long-Term Development’, examined how development agencies could move beyond crisis management to more sustainable practices.   Ben Shepherd of Chatham House [more...]