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Assuring food security to 2050
Assuring food security to 2050

2014 Cambridge International Development Report

The Humanitarian Centre’s 2014 Cambridge International Development Report has now been released!

The report this year focuses on building a hunger free-world. Look inside for exciting and thought provoking work looking at how development, humanitarianism, industry, and technology can work together to counter this growing threat. Thanks to all those who have been at the general release; tell us your thoughts.


For any comments or questions, please look on our twitter account. Be part of the debate.

Disaster Relief in Nepal: Building for a Future

Hear about the work of Lanyt Theatre and The Mountain Trust, two member organisations that have been actively involved in disaster relief efforts in Nepal here.

On 25th April, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest shock in 80 years. The earthquake destroyed homes, public buildings and roads, taking the lives of over 8700 people and affecting the livelihoods of over 8 million people; almost a third of the country’s population. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal again on 12th May. These earthquakes have exposed the country’s high degree of vulnerability, especially that of rural communities living in extreme poverty.

Months after the initial earthquake, our team talked to The Mountain Trust and LaNYT Theatre to find out more about their disaster relief efforts in Nepal. Although the initial media buzz may have died down, they have not forgotten Nepal…

Read the rest of the story here

Winner of the Right to be Seen Photography Exhibition

Students listen to Radio Guru

The Mountain Trust are the winners of the photography exhibition. See how the opening night went here. This photo captures students listening to the radio while they work. The charity’s goal is to aid Nepal’s poorest communities.  This picture highlights the success of their educational programmes.

Nepal has been struck by their worst earthquake in 80 years that has severely damaged the region. It is estimated that 8 million people have been effected. Mountains Trust are using their extensive local knowledge to organise and provide aid relief to those worst effected. They are currently on the ground buying and distributing aid: water, food, blankets, tents in the Kaski and Gorka regions. Find out and donate here:

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